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Do you have a new dog in your life, or an old one, that needs to be trained better? Are you looking for the right trainer to get your dog to behave better? At Karma K9, we know how to help you with any type of pup. Our team of trainers offers the professional approach you need with the utmost care for your furry loved one.

Along with dog training, we also offer Dog Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming services. Whether you need to board your pup as you travel or need professional grooming services, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for the best K9 training in the Jacksonville, Florida area, we’re ready to help you today!

What You Get with Dog Training from K9 Karma

When you decide to trust your dog to us, we make sure you get the type of training you’re looking for. Our private lessons include several commands and behaviors, such as learning good manners, house breaking, crate training, socialization, and name recognition. We also offer on-leash commands and off-leash commands to ensure you get the training that is specific to your needs.

Our training starts with private lessons first. Once your dog has reached a specific level, they can graduate into public training lessons to help with socialization and specific commands.

A Closer Look at Our Trainers

Put your new furry family member in the hands of the best in the business with our highly skilled, very experienced trainers.

Curtis Johnson is our Training Director and offers lots of experience training dogs for police departments, the US Army Rangers, Australian Special Forces, the Department of Defense, and Indian Special Forces. He also attended the renowned dog training school Tarheel Canine Dog Training School.

Nick Converso is one of our trainers and offers plenty of experience working with dogs in many different areas. He was a US Navy Master-at-Arms/K-9 Handlers for 9 years. After serving in the military, Nick joined the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office as a K9 Corporal/Handler and worked for the department for 10 years.

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