Finding trustworthy accommodations for your dog can be stressful when needing to get out of town for a while. Fill out the form to come meet with our expert staff and find out why our dogs love coming back to play and stay overnight!

Are you traveling for the holidays?

Maybe you are overwhelmed with work or have an emergency you need to attend to.

If you are looking for a place to take the very best care of your dog, both mentally and physically, then look no further than our boarding services. 

Every dog that completes a training program has undergone a sociability and temperament test, giving us the ability to carefully select and create structured play groups for the dogs to thrive in.

We are not your typical doggie daycare and boarding center; we do not let the dogs run around unsupervised in large groups, instead they are placed in play groups that will help maintain good behaviors in clean, safe environments. We have eight different fenced in yards of all sizes with permanent fixtures for shade. These yards come in all shapes and sizes to acclimate for all breeds, energy levels, and sizes! We have automated water feeders and sanitization systems in each yard, and each dog will leave with a health and safety check.


Board and Study is an add on service for his/her boarding experience where your pup will come and do multiple refresher sessions throughout the day!

You will meet with a staff member on drop off and go over specific interests for training brush ups, and if requested we will provide a 30 minute lesson as well.

Board and Study: Additional $45/day

All services require checkout no later than 7pm, please make reservations in advance.

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