Are you looking for some cheaper grooming options a la carte? Feel free to send us a message and let us know what you’re looking for!

Are you looking for a high quality grooming service without it costing an arm and a leg?

Karma K9’s Grooming Services are considered a la carte, meaning you can pick and choose from individual packages for your dog to get the specific care he needs! We can cater your dogs grooming experience and needs specific to you! 

Baths: Choice of Shampoo, Brush Out, and Blow Dry

Prices start at…

  • Tiny (1-15lbs) – $30
  • Small (16-25lbs) – $35
  • Medium (26-40lbs) – $40
  • Large (41-55lbs) – $55
  • Bigguns (56lbs & up) – $70


  • Nail Trim – $10
  • Nail Dremel – $14
  • Teeth Cleaning – $10
  • Sanitary Cut – $14
  • Trim Paw Pads – $12
  • Dematting – $10-15
  • Ear Cleaning – $8
  • Furminator Treatment – $20
  • Scented Spritz – $2


“The Whole Kit & Kaboodle”

Includes the bath, trimming of paw pads, sanitary cut & hair style of your choosing.

“The Mini”

Includes the bath, trimming of the paw pads & sanitary cut.

Got a heavy shedder? We offer a thorough brushing of the undercoat before and after bath for an additional fee.

By appointment only! Breed, condition of coat, desired cut and other special considerations will determine final grooming price. Please discuss with groomer.

free consultation

Come in for a free consultation to speak with us about you and your pup and let our passion help change your life!